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Alternative Sports Doer Bob Noxious On Roller Derby’s Meteoric Rise

The Brown Paper Tickets office is still buzzing about the Roller Derby World Cup that was held in Toronto earlier this month. One can’t understate the significance it had to the derby community. The event was the first international gathering of derby teams and supporters and it’s been amazing to watch the sport grow from scrappy, DIY beginnings to international notoriety.

Our Alternative Sports Doer Bob Noxious has been with the derby revival pretty much since the beginning. I talked to him recently about the Derby World Cup, his history with the sport and how derby’s growth has mirrored Brown Paper Ticket’s growth. He had lots of interesting things to say. I thought I’d share those with all you derby fans out there.

Ladies and gentlemen, Bob Noxious!

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A Whole World of Pure Imagination, by the BPT Staff

The “90 Days of Free Tickets” is under way. Click here to enter to win!

“90 days of free tickets?” we here at Brown Paper Tickets thought. “That would be amazing!” Even though we can’t win because we work for the company putting on this contest, and that would be weird, we did have some fantasies of what we would go see if we were to win. Here’s what some of us came up with: Read the rest of this entry »

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