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Hot Tickets: Chicago

Every Wednesday at noon, CST, Brown Paper Tickets posts upcoming events happening in the Chicago area. Here are hot tickets for events coming up. Check back for stellar events that fit the interests of locals and tourists alike. Know of any other events happening in the Chicago area this week? Post them in the comments section.

Thursday, October 6 to Saturday, October 22 Chalk & Saltwater: The Ladder Project In 1926 Edgar B. Davis used his vast oil fortune to become the sole producer of The Ladder. During its two year run, the play acquired some of the most scathing reviews that the New York stage has ever seen. The Ladder became known as “the longest running failure in American theatre history.” Through historical biographies, passages from unreleased memoirs, and glimpses into 40 boxes of decaying 100-year-old documents, our team of writer/performers investigate this wildly expensive disappointment to bring you Chalk and Saltwater: The Ladder Project – and ask, is their value to be found in failure?

Thursday, October 6 to Thursday, November 3Paranormal Adventure League In the spirit of Ghost Adventures, Paranormal State, Ghost Hunters & Scooby Doo, The Paranormal Adventure League is bringing their LIVE haunted show to the Chemically Imbalanced Theater on Thursday nights in October. Join the adventurers as they lead an improvised live investigation of bizarre paranormal experiences suggested by the audience & then follow along on some of their unusual encounters outside the theater through video footage. Read the rest of this entry »

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Happy Equinox – Celebrate the Harvest!

Today is the autumnal equinox, which means summer is officially over. Yeah, it’s a bummer but don’t fear, it also means that it’s harvest time: gardens are overflowing, fall beers are flowing and harvest festivals are happening all over the world.

The autumnal harvest celebration has its roots in Britain when farmers would reap and gather their agricultural products to bring to market. There’s a full moon around the autumnal equinox, often called the Harvest Moon, so festivals were usually held sometime near the full moon. Read the rest of this entry »

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