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Theatre/Education Doer Colleen Embarks On A New Project

Hello! I am the Theater/Education Doer. I am presently working on a new project that will allow young people to tell their personal stories on the stage via art, poetry/prose, song, physical enactment, etc. Here is the extended version of my mission:

When I was a teenager I was involved in the drama program at my high school. There was a class that I particularly enjoyed called Children’s Theatre. During this class, the high school kids would walk over to the local elementary school and consult the librarian regarding which books were the most popular that year. There would always be some old classics (If You Give A Mouse A Cookie, Where The Wild Things Are), but there would often be newer stories as well (The Stinky Cheese Man, Snot Stew). We would check these books out from the library and bring them back to the theatre with us, where we would then work on transcribing the stories into one-act plays for the stage. After reading through the scripts as a class, we would vote on which stories we wanted to perform, and then (after several rehearsals) we would spend a day or two traveling and performing for various local elementary schools. The kids loved seeing their favorite stories on stage and we were “drama geeks,” happy to perform for any audience (and the fact that we were released from school for the day on a field trip didn’t suck, either). Our end-of-year project consisted of our class pairing up with a class of 3rd graders, two 3rd graders per drama student. Here we had the opportunity to show the kids how to do what we had done – we helped them pick a story, re-write it for the stage, and directed them as they assumed their very first roles as actors. This was one of our favorite projects to work on, the kids would always remember us each year and the parents loved it. Read the rest of this entry »

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