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East Bay Vitner’s Alliance’s Urban Wine Xperience

Urban wineries are starting to pop up all over the country. In a trend that’s reminiscent of the craft beer brewing trend of the 80’s, urban wineries allow vintners to set up tasting rooms in urban centers without having to pay the high price for land in wine country. Usually they’ll rent an urban space, truck in the grapes from regional vineyards and then ferment and cellar the wine on the premises.

Representing this trend in the East San Francisco Bay area is the East Bay Vintner’s Alliance, a collection of twenty urban wineries spanning from Alameda to North Berkeley. Their headquarters are in Oakland and they source their grapes from Oregon, Southern California and even as far away as the Rhone Valley in France. Their mission is to create awareness in the East Bay that they are the best local source for purchasing local wine and to create excitement about the growing trend of urban wineries. Read the rest of this entry »

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Paella, Music, Wine. Outdoors!

Okay everyone. Here’re some things I love:

1) Paella
2) Danceable music
3) Being outdoors in the summertime
4) Wine

Here’s some things I hate:
1) Not being able to travel out to Michigan for Paella in the Park
2) See number one

If you live in the Michigan/Illinois/Wisconsin, heck, even Canada, do not miss the opportunity to check out this great event–Paella in the Park in Traverse City. What makes it so great, you ask? Well here, let me tell you. Read the rest of this entry »

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BPT’s Guide to Summer Food Events!

Summer is here and gardens are overflowing with delicious veggies and fruit and barbecues are smoking in every backyard across the country. Summer also means food festivals and tours galore and we wanted to give you a sampling of some of the great food events that we are ticketing. We got urban garden tours and cheese tasting events; beer and wine pairings and Asian market tours; tomato festivals, outdoor French dinners and even an event dedicated solely to everyone’s favorite pork product – bacon! Whatever you like to eat, we got an event for you. Read the rest of this entry »

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BPT’s Guide to Summer Beer & Wine Events!

These days, almost every city across America has their own local microbrewery or winery. This wasn’t the case ten or fifteen years ago but now, locally brewed beers and locally sourced wines can be found in pretty much every state of the union. This is indicative of the growing national trend to improve what we eat and drink. For too long Americans have been drinking generic mass-produced beer and wine and finally, we’re starting to expect more from what we eat and drink. We’re starting to keep it high quality and local and it’s incredibly exciting to see how this is changing the face of American cuisine. Read the rest of this entry »

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Columbus Food Adventures’ Taco Truck Tour!

Who doesn’t love a taco truck? You can get a great meal for under $5, you get to eat outside and, often times, you’re going to find food that’s more authentic than what you find in most brick and mortar Mexican restaurants. Los Angeles has long been the mecca for excellent mobile Mexican food, but due to a growing interest in food trucks, food carts and street food, you can now find taco trucks in pretty much every urban center in North America.

Starting on July 1st in Columbus, Ohio, Columbus Food Adventures is offering a Taco Truck Tour that takes you to the best taco trucks on Columbus’ west side. Each stop will include a tasting and will focus on each individual truck’s culinary specialties and the diversity of regional cuisine that one can find at these trucks. We’re talking tacos, burritos, fresh tamales, tortas, mulitas and sopitas all washed down with horchata or an ice cold Mexican coke. Oh yeah. Read the rest of this entry »

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Spring in Paris

Spring was in full blossom and the pungent smell of lilacs and honeysuckle flowers invaded the city parks on my recent trip to Paris. It had been years since I had experienced such gorgeous weather in the city. I also discovered another Spring in Paris, an elegant restaurant tucked away in the tiny rue Bailleul just a few steps away from the Louvre.

Joshua Adler, the wine director at the restaurant and also director of the Spring boutique located just a few steps away in the rue de l’Arbre Sec is Brown Paper Ticket’s first and only (but I believe he won’t hold that title for too long) producer in France. He welcomed me to an incredible wine tasting in Spring’s cellar, a recurring weekly event for which he sells tickets to an English-speaking audience. Read the rest of this entry »

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The Joy of Cheese in New York City

Mmmmmmm cheese. Who doesn’t love it? Melted, sliced, aged, dry, creamy, moldy – however it comes, the folks over at the The Joy of Cheese know it well. Martin Johnson, the man behind Joy of Cheese loves cheese so much that he throws cheese-centered events in New York City, many of which are ticketed by Brown Paper Tickets.

Martin has declared the month of May the month of “funky” cheeses and so he’s throwing a couple different events that highlight them. What qualifies as a “funky” cheese? Well it has nothing to do with James Brown, afro picks or Bootsy Collins’ bass lines. For Martin, funky cheese is washed rind cheeses; the dense, aromatic cheeses that began in European monasteries in the middle ages and are distinguishable for their “funky” aroma. Read the rest of this entry »

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