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Jimmy Berg – I’m the Blog Manager here at Brown Paper Tickets and I write the majority of the posts you read here on the Brown Paper Blog. I live in South Seattle with my wife Renae and my son Desmond and spend the bulk of my time outside of work playing accordion and singing in my band The Bad Things, playing with my awesome little son and making dinner for the family. I love working at Brown Paper Tickets as it’s allowed me to employ all the various talents that I’ve acquired over the years playing in bands and promoting shows into a “real” job that I honestly enjoy showing up to every day. If you love the blog, want to see a topic covered or just want to say hi, shoot me an e-mail at:

Sarah Lloyd – I’m the Events Promotions Manager! Let me know if you need any help with getting the word out on your event. As a longtime lover of live music, I was initially drawn to Brown Paper Tickets because of the low service fees, but I really love Brown Paper Tickets because everyone here has been there, and really cares about the industry. We’re current and former promoters, musicians, comedians and venue workers. Fixing the ticket industry hits close to home. I also moonlight as a freelancer! You can usually see my work in Seattlest and in the Seattle Weekly. Most of what I’m writing about nowadays has to do with local news, food and booze. I can be reached at:

Graeme Thomas – I work in Business Development in the UK/Europe office. You will see my name on UK based blog entries including “Hot Tickets: United Kingdom.” I live in Edinburgh with my fiancee Kristina and we are planning our wedding for August this year. When I am not working on Operation White Dress I am a keen gig goer of live music (Rock and Indie) and Stand Up comedy. Working @BPTUK is great, really nice people, the right values and friendly producers. It is a pleasure to meet people and tell them what we do and what we can offer them and more importantly that we care about the success of their events. Outside of work and gigs I am a keen squash player, cinema fan and dvd boxset fiend! For any UK/Europe based questions, wedding advice or boxset tips please do not be a stranger, my e-mail is

Kelly Allen – Doer Team Manager at Brown Paper Tickets. What are Doers? Well, I’m glad you asked. Doers are a team of people here at Brown Paper Tickets who are experts in their field with a mission to make their industry a better place. Pretty much, they rock. It is a privilege to be able to work for a company that not only claims to do positive in the world, but actually follows through. Brown Paper Tickets is an honest company that has the sole purpose of supporting the artists out there without charging them an arm and a leg. Brown Paper Tickets also strives to support the individuality of our customers and in turn the company’s employees are very diverse. I am also the go-to gal for charity and non-profit questions about Brown Paper Tickets. Shoot me an e-mail at:

Bill Geoghegan – I’m the Music Doer at Brown Paper Tickets. If you are an independent record label, DIY artist, promoter, or music venue, I can help you with just about anything related to your business that you need help with. This includes anything from business set-up to booking, production to publishing, marketing to manufacturing, distribution to anything else you can think of. If I don’t have a solution, I can find someone who does or spend time with you creating one. The best part is I can do it without charging you anything! As part of Brown Paper Tickets’ “not just for profit” business practice of giving back to the industries that it works with, my job is to help people in the music industry. This does not mean that I only assist Brown Paper Tickets customers. I can help anyone who needs it, as long as he/she is not doing harm to the industry. No strings attached. Feel free to email or call anytime. I’d love to hear from you:

Caroline Planque – I am in charge of French localization and outreach at Brown Paper Tickets and usually write about anything francophone on the Brown Paper Blog. It’s been a great experience to go from launching the French language site from scratch to now doing a lot more outreach and meeting interesting people from all walks of life in the francophone community. This has also proved to be a perfect bridge with my other freelance activities of writing and photography. Community, creativity, inspiration and a lot of freedom, all in one position. Feel like dropping me a line ? Write me at:

Kelsye Nelson – I’m the Vice President of Growth and Outreach. It’s very rare to find a place where you can put all your brain power and creativity to work and cause some actual good in the world. I feel empowered to help our customers in every way that I can, even if it doesn’t result in a single penny for us. When I’m not working, you can find me running amuck in the city with my family. I also lead the Seattle Daylight Writer’s Group. You can find us every Friday upstairs at Caffe Vita on Capitol Hill working on our latest masterpieces and catastrophes. You can reach me at:

Sabrina Roach – I’m the Radio/New Media Doer at Brown Paper Tickets. I take my years of experience in public and community media – as a membership coordinator, show producer, and  development and community engagement director – and pitch in wherever possible. I live in Seattle and volunteer on many arts and culture projects. That’s actually how I discovered Brown Paper Tickets. I began to notice how many arts organizations were using them and how the infrastructure that BPT provides helped them save money and focus on their art. If you need help on a radio/new media or even an arts and culture project, drop me a line at:

AJ Andrews – I’m the East Coast Ambassador for Brown Paper Tickets. I’m on the East Coast trying to spread the word about how wonderful Brown Paper Tickets is while supporting our producers and trying to do good things by helping build community. When I’m not working I’m usually curled up with a hot cup of tea sharing, listening to and enjoying music with friends. Often we’re debating which bands were most influential to other bands. (It’s an endless cycle, you know.) I can also be found cooking, painting or being geeky. Being in a brand-new region I’ve been having adventures exploring new areas, doing fun things and meeting new people. While it can be exciting, I still miss Seattle and the smiling faces of my friends and co-workers. I love my job at Brown Paper Tickets. They support being yourself and following your dreams and passions. How awesome is that!? Please feel free to reach out to me, say, “Hello!” or even recommend that little-known diner around the corner that I don’t know about yet because I’m not a local. Please email me at:

Colleen Eickholt – I am the Theatre/Education Doer for Brown Paper Tickets. I help young people to use the stage and other arts-related workshops as tools for communicating their stories in creative ways. I love working for Brown Paper Tickets because we are paid to be philanthropists, to do good for our communities. It is so cool that our job requirements include that feeling at the end of the day for a job well done and time well spent. If you don’t feel like you’re making a difference, you’re doing it wrong! You can reach me at:

Tamara Clammer – Hello! My name is Tamara Clammer. I’m the Maker Doer at Brown Paper Tickets. You may be thinking, “What’s a Doer?” The Brown Paper Tickets Doers travel around the world to help people in their respective industries and communities. Whether it be helping to coach roller derby teams or helping a band set up a tour, the Doers can make a difference! Brown Paper Tickets offers the Doers’ services free of charge for both our clients and people who are not our clients. The goal is simply to make a positive difference in the world. As the Maker Doer, my mission is to help create new Makers and to assist experienced Makers in finding ways to share their skills and knowledge with the world. I facilitate collaboration when possible, and seek additional resources that may be useful or interesting. In addition to being the Maker Doer, I’m also a self-taught leatherworker,  specializing in high quality masquerade style masks. I teach workshops, collaborate with other artists, and occasionally I even spend a moment relaxing : ) You can reach me at:


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