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Cal’s Recommended Oscar Events!

Are you serious about the films nominated for Oscars? Or are you more into the glitz and glamor of the party? Either way, we have some great events happening all over the country for you to check out!

For those who are in it for the films, check out:

Past Best Picture Oscar winner “Chicago” at the Auburn Avenue Theater in Auburn, Washington TONIGHT! Thursday, February 23.

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The Greater Phoenix Jewish Film Festival!

The Greater Phoenix Jewish Film Festival is underway. This amazing festival, which runs through Sunday, February 26th is one to not be missed.

Eleven internationally-acclaimed feature films, many of which are making their Arizona debuts, offer a wealth of Jewish life, culture, humor and drama. The Greater Phoenix Jewish Film Festival has been a vibrant and growing tradition in the Phoenix area for sixteen years.

Here are a few highlights of films to check out:

Je T’aime I Love You – Screens TONIGHT! Wednesday, February 15 at 3:00 PM

Sometimes you have to laugh or you will cry. Israel can always use a good laugh, as much as any country, and more than many. Perhaps this is why Director Dani Menkin chooses to do this romantic, diverting  yes – even nonsensical film. Think – what better way to have fun than by loving!  Exactly the underlying narrative theme introducing the theme: “Love usually happens when God decides He needs a laugh.”  The film maker portrays this by throwing two young people together on an airplane. Hamlet meets Lady Puck. Israeli Ben is a thirty-something living at home, and obsessing over “to be or not to be” married to his girlfriend in New York. English Emma is outrageous with a flaky charm. A layover in Prague provides the neutral ground for this chancy encounter. Watch it play out and, go ahead, HAVE A GOOD LAUGH!

Advanced Tickets Sales for this screening have ended but there may still be tickets available at the door!

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DIY Gig Poster Contest Runner-Up: Leche De Tigre

Leche de Tigre love to play theaters where the crowd has space to dance and this Hawaiian Latin Gypsy funk band definitely know how to get people on their feet. The 8-piece group originated in 2009 in Kona, Hawaii. Blending Caribbean rhythms with Eastern European, tango and rock influences, with a dash of bossa nova, Leche de Tigre created a unique style that has attracted a strong following over the years.

Their favorite show they’ve ever played took place in September at Aloha Theatre. They said, “The place was full, the sound was good, and the vibe was fantastic. [There was] a great crowd up and dancing.” This New Year’s Eve, the band returned to the Aloha Theater and judging from this video, this show was no different. Read the rest of this entry »

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The Three Stooges on Boxing Day

Mark your calendars! Buy your tickets early! On December 26th, laugh away all those depressing Christmas moments at the 9th annual Three Stooges Film Festival in Foxboro, Mass. Don’t miss your chance to see these classic comedians on the big screen! You can engage in a “Stooges Trivia Challenge,” win the “Stooges Look-a-like Contest” and dance the “Curley Shuffle!” Bring the whole family to this special festival as the Stooges once again prove their comedy is as timeless as ever!!! Oh, yeah, and, there’s a beer & wine cash bar!

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A Whole World of Pure Imagination, by the BPT Staff

The “90 Days of Free Tickets” is under way. Click here to enter to win!

“90 days of free tickets?” we here at Brown Paper Tickets thought. “That would be amazing!” Even though we can’t win because we work for the company putting on this contest, and that would be weird, we did have some fantasies of what we would go see if we were to win. Here’s what some of us came up with: Read the rest of this entry »

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The Life of a Doer: Sita Marches for Civilization

The Life of a Doer: Sita Marches for Civilization

Sita is the Brown Paper Tickets Film Doer. Here she recounts her participation in the March for Civilization this past June in The Netherlands.

The police said there were a little over a thousand people at the March for Civilization. Organizers said there were more than 2000. One thing was for sure, though: the March of civilization did not go unnoticed.

The demonstration was attended by people against the plans by Netherlands’ government to cut the funding for Art and Culture. It started in and around the Museum Boymans van Beuningen. There were speeches about the necessity for art funding, mostly for young talent, before the long march to The Hague. Read the rest of this entry »

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Fremont First Friday Art Walk 8/5!

For the Fremont First Friday Art Walk, BPT is proud to announce that this month’s artist will be Brian Nunes. Brian is a surrealist from Seattle via Austin. Along with Brian will be musician Andrew Anderson.

This reception is curated and hosted by BPT Maker Doer Tamara Clammer.

BPT will be serving light food and drinks during the artist reception which takes place August 5 from 6-9pm. The BPT offices are located at 309 N 36th St. in Fremont.

See you there!

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