Hot Tickets: Boston

16 Feb

Here are this week’s Hot Tickets in the Boston area. Check back every Thursday at noon, EST for stellar events that fit the interests of locals and tourists alike.

TONIGHT! Thursday, February 16 to Saturday, February 18 I Election Day  The Happy Medium Theatre Company is proud to present: “Election Day” by Josh Tobiessen. “Election Day” is a witty comedy that takes the audience through the day of the mayoral election with an a-type lawyer/activist, her graphic designer boyfriend, his slacker sister, a violent (sort of) political activist and mayoral candidate as our guides.  By the time the sun is setting, each of the characters is wishing they had stayed in bed that day.  Please join us for this hysterical exemplification of Murphy’s law at work.

Friday, February 17 I Revolutionary Chocolate at the Old State House  Sweet tooth?  Chocolate connoisseur?  Or maybe you just didn’t get enough chocolate for Valentine’s Day?  Celebrate chocolate and Boston’s long connection with the sweet confection at the Old State House in a fun after-hours event. Watch a demonstration of eighteenth-century chocolate making, learn about Boston’s chocolate history, view rarely seen items from the museum’s collection, receive a candlelight tour of the Old State House’s iconic tower, and of course, try some delicious chocolate samples!  Complete your evening by going to the nearby Woodward Restaurant at the Ames Hotel and enjoy 10% off your dinner bill.  Make it a romantic evening or a fun night out with friends!

Friday, February 17 I Spanish Guitarist in Boston  Join Greater Boston House Concerts for a night of classical standards and new works for solo guitar with Spanish guitarist and composer Agustín Castilla-Ávila. Music will include original pieces by Agustín as well as works from the Renaissance by Dowland, the Baroque by Bach & Purcell, and from Spain by Albéniz, Granados & Tarrega, and Latin America by Barrios.

Friday, February 17 to Sunday, March 11 I The Little Pricks  Cue the music! Dim the lights! Close your eyes! LISTEN! There’s a low, sweet song comin’ though the cottonwood trees and the smell of hot pecan pies cooling in the warm night air. You’re in the South, my friend. The Deep South. It’s 1900. The Civil War is over and everything seems sorta peaceful in town, don’t it? “Nice night, Mr. Smith!”  “Yer’ lookin’ mighty purty Mrs. Jones!”  And then you see THEM coming ’round the corner, noses in the air…The Pricks! The same sort of greedy, avaricious type of folks you might run into today, fighting tooth and nail for more, more, MORE! Only these folks happen to be family! That’s right, they’re related! They’re known around these parts as “The Little Pricks” and they’ll destroy anyone or anything that gets between them and a dollar! Join the Gold Dust Orphans for one of the finest theatrical events of this or any other winter season.

Saturday, February 18 I For the Sake of the Song: A Tribute to Tom Waits  For the Sake of the Song brings together local musicians to perform their own material and pay tribute the songwriters who have influenced them. For our February edition we pay tribute to Tom Waits with Brendan Hogan, Ryan Fitzsimmons, and Dressing the Debutantes! Hear songs from throughout Waits’ catalog and more along with original material from our featured artists!

Know of any other events happening in the Boston area this week? Post them in the comments section.

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