Hot Tickets: New York

10 Feb

Here are this week’s Hot Tickets in the New York area. Check back every Friday at noon, EST for stellar events that fit the interests of locals and tourists alike.

TONIGHT! Friday, February 10 I Goldie and The Hawns Presents: Boneless! A monthly dose of lady comedy. Come join The People’s Improv Theater as they celebrate some of NYC’s funniest women of Improv, stand-up and sketch! 100% funny, 100% HOT. Stand up by Michelle Wolf, Firth, Funkle Todd and Goldie and the Hawns featuring Ashley Ward!

TONIGHT! Friday, February 10 I “They Eat Scum” + “Goodbye 42nd Street”  Nick Zedd’s infamous Super 8 movie that inspired the Cinema of Transgression movement, “They Eat Scum” showcases the film movement’s intent to shock the viewer into reconsidering society’s structures. As Zedd himself put it: “If it’s not transgressive, it’s not underground. It has to be threatening the status quo by doing something surprising, not just imitating what’s been done before.”  Filled with surrealist imagery, B-movie aesthetics, and comedic absurdity, “They Eat Scum” illustrates the re-evaluation of amateur aesthetics that was the hallmark of No Wave Cinema. Screens with “Goodbye 42nd Street,” a profile of the diverse nature of 42nd street in 1986, this film contrasts this iconic street with surrealist scenes.  Capturing this iconic neighborhood just before its transformation during the Giuliani era, “Goodbye 42nd Street” is an artistic remnant of a bygone Manhattan.

Saturday, February 11 I AniMiniCon SoHo Presents Salsa of Love Valentine’s Tea and Dance Party! 
Join AniMiniCon SoHo for their first event of the year, featuring anime, music, tea and DANCE! Featuring gourmet tea & sweets, of course, for all diets, screenings of anime with related themes and recorded and live music. PLUS THE ADDED BONUS FOR THIS EVENT: Experienced, competitive, award-winning dancers will be there to teach you to do the salsa and other hot, hot, hot dances of love! Guest instructors, both male and female, will include Patty Garcia & Hosts Daven and Yukito as well as special surprises and guests.

Saturday, February 11 I Long Island Roller Rebels Presents: St. Valentine’s Day Massacre  The Long Island Roller Rebels will open their seventh season with recognition of their first ever bout played on February 18th 2006, titled “St. Valentine’s Day Massacre.” Veterans and Rookies will be split into 2 teams, Pink and Black to bring the fast paced, hard hitting, derby action, that their fans LOVE! In commemoration of this event the first 100 fans in the door will receive chocolate lollipops! Be sure to stick around and watch the Mens Roller Derby Champions, the New York Shock Exchange. Their two home teams, the Coney Island Freakshow and the Union Squares will meet up skate to skate in the ultimate rematch you would NOT want to miss!

Sunday, February 12 I Kim Smith  Singing in German, French and English, KIM SMITH, the acclaimed international performer called “all decadence and sly appeal” by Back Stage Magazine, reinterprets works by Weimar-era composers, and modern-day artists alike, including Friedrich Hollaender, Bjork, The Supremes, Kylie Minogue, Hanns Eisler and myriad of glittering others while conjuring a contemporary vision of the decadence and decay of 1920’s Berlin. Out to prove that misfits have more fun, Smith mischievously leads the audience through an evening of disfigured pop and glimmering period treasures. Beer Served by the friendly local sponsors, the Long Ireland Brewery!

Sunday, February 12 I RHINESTONE GORILLA BURLESQUE  Rhinestone Gorilla Burlesque presents “GOOD IDEA / BAD IDEA: A Fully-Scripted Burlesque Tribute to The Warner Brothers (and the Warner Sister, Dot).” From barely legal to legally bare, the “dangerous-minded” guerilla gang formerly known as Alpha Psi lEcdysia. A Time Out New YorkCritics Pick” and a Flavorpill “Editor’s Choice,” recently featured in BUST magazine.

Know of any other events happening in the New York area this week? Post them in the comments section.

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