Hot Tickets: New York

03 Feb

Here are this week’s Hot Tickets in the New York area. Check back every Friday at noon, EST for stellar events that fit the interests of locals and tourists alike.

TONIGHT! Friday, February 3 I Blacks in Experimental Film: Lost & Forgotten Images of Blacks on Film  A screening of lost and forgotten images of blacks on film followed by an audience led discussion. ‘Blacks in Experimental Film’ attempts to bridge the gap/fill in the space of what is left behind and out. This evening seeks to explore how our perceptions of ourselves have evolved or not evolved based on these representations. We will explore whether its “racist” to show this stuff or even worse to sweep it under the rug and deny it never existed. Materials shown are likely to include an excerpt from Ralph Bakshi’s Coonskin, a minstrel show from the 1939 World’s Fair in San Francisco, Little Black Sambo, Bert Williams performance footage, excerpts from African Pygmy Thrills and Our Gang, footage of the Harlem Globetrotters, Joe Louis, Sugar Ray Robinson and Muhammad Ali and Duke Ellington’s “Black and Tan Fantasy” and mid-century Black home movies and travelogues (Europe! Paris!).

TONIGHT! Friday, February 3 to Saturday, February 25 I Botanica  ‘Botanica’ is a creepy futuristic black comedy that examines our complicated relationship to plant life. Sealed in a human terrarium, two unorthodox botanists and a caretaker with a penchant for erotic literature unleash a flood of unusual findings and overturn the constraints of science and social norms.

Saturday, February 4 I LUTHER “GUITAR Jr.” JOHNSON & The Magic Rockers  Grammy and WC Handy award-winning bluesman Luther “Guitar Junior” Johnson’s playing-style features a blistering blend of sharp single note leads with powerful chordal self-accompaniment, which has influenced such further influential guitarists as Eric Clapton and Mark Knopfler. After serving an apprenticeship alongside the late Magic Sam, from whom he inherited the west-side guitar-style throne, Luther gained an international reputation as a guitarist & vocalist in Muddy Waters’ band. By the late ’70s, Luther developed his own signature style, characterized by a strong rhythmic component and deeply moving vocal phrasings. You may also remember seeing Luther featured in the legendary ‘Blues Brothers’ movie … here’s your chance to see him in the Towne Crier’s intimate & respected setting!

Saturday, February 4 & Sunday, February 5 I Mo[u]rnin’. After. “Mo[u]rnin’. After.” is a mythic autobiography for the queer prodigal son, a  story of losing and finding – a journey back to the homeland (Oklahoma!) through time travel, magic, and musicals.  Dream ballets included. “Mo[u]rnin’. After.” began over a year ago as part of the Tim Miller mentorship, a 6-month development of new, queer work.

Saturday, February 4 I The Anti Super Bowl Comedy Show  Tired of hearing about  the Superbowl?  Need a break from the chatter of your husband and his friends? Wanna spend a night out with the gals? Come to the Anti-Superbowl comedy show. All female comedy show where we will be talking about everything EXCEPT the Superbowl! Featuring: Vanessa Hollingshead, with special guest Sharon Simon. Vanessa Hollingshead often jokes about real things. As a child, she spent a year at Millbrook Mansion with her father, Michael Hollingshead, who introduced Timothy Leary and Sir Paul McCartney to LSD. Vanessa was recently on VH1‘s “Lords of the Revolution,” has had her own Comedy Central Presents special, has taped her second DVD “American Anglomaniac” at Gotham and is taping her third DVD, “Drunk” at Stand Up New York. She was one of the first comics to go out to the Middle East when the war started. She has performed for Comedy Central in Australia, as well as numerous shows in the UK and Amsterdam, she also has had critical acclaim with her one woman show “Flashback.” Plus, she just completed her second one person show “The Hold”.

Sunday, February 5 I Fooling Around with Casey Jost: Bits Of Audio  Casey Jost (“Late Night with Jimmy Fallon”) brings his lovable idiocracy and quirky enthusiasm to “Fooling Around.” Each show has a theme, and with each theme, Casey creates a world to fool around in. When Casey’s playful style of creating characters meets his skewed twist on everyday life, it makes for a unique one man sketch show. Everyone wants to Fool Around with Casey Jost. “Bits Of Audio,” the first installment of “Fooling Around,” tackles the theme: MUSIC. Each sketch and every character is affected, in someway, by music.

Know of any other events happening in the New York area this week? Post them in the comments section.

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