Hot Tickets: Los Angeles

16 Jan

Here are this week’s hot tickets in the Los Angeles area. Check back every Monday at noon, PST for stellar events that fit the interests of locals and tourists alike.

Thursday, January 14TV Tuesday presents The Other Glass Teat: More of Harlan Ellison on Television! – Experience Harlan Ellison’s TV writing with the Cinefamily! From their website:

One of America’s most prolific and dangerous writers, Harlan Ellison radicalized science fiction from the 1960s onwards with swirling, shouting, freaky, psychedelic and sexual visions realized across over 1,700 short stories, novellas, screenplays and essays. That would be enough for most — but Ellison is also one of the great TV writers, responsible for iconic episodes of The Outer Limits and Alfred Hitchcock Presents, to penning the most popular episode of the original Star Trek, and much, much more. And, somewhere in there, he even found the time to write “The Glass Teat”, a seminal work still considered one of the most important and scathing books ever written on the nature of television. Join guest moderator Josh Olson (Oscar-nominated screenwriter of A History of Violence) for a very special evening, as Harlan makes a very rare and highly spirited personal appearance at Cinefamily to discuss his love/hate relationship with TV, followed by a screening of several of his best episodes!

Saturday, January 21LA Accordion Babes Revue – The Accordion Babes Revue is a night of diverse musical revelry celebrating the accordion, featuring Accordion Babe Pinup Calendar girls Mrs. Hobbs of Ketchup Soup, Renee de la Prade, and Amber Lee Baker. This is the fourth indie release of the provocative, girl-powered, ultimate tribute to the squeeze box, created by Renee de la Prade. The Accordion Babes Album & Pinup Calendar is sultry, sexy, sassy, silly, sweet, and impassioned. The women are not only beautiful, they are damn fine musicians, playing one of the world’s greatest instruments.

Sunday, January 22 The Big Country (1958) – A 35mm screening of William Wyler’s epic western staring Gregory Peck, Jean Simmons, Burl Ives, Charlton Heston and Carroll Baker!

Sunday, January 22 Austin High at Abundant Sugar – Deep in the heart of the most culpable state in the union lies a city almost mystical in its improbability. Travelers from both coasts return with land sailors’ tales of unbridled creativity, progressive politics, and a sickeningly common healthy glow on a populace whose diet mainly consists of fried fat drizzled in an inexplicably delicious pseudo-cheese concoction. This movie is a stoner’s sweetest love letter to that fair hamlet known as Austin, Texas, and dominated its A-list Hollywood competition during its premiere run at the 18th Annual Austin Film Festival.

Know of any other events happening in the Los Angeles area this week? Post them in the comments section.

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