Hot Tickets: Seattle

12 Jan

Here are this week’s hot tickets in the Seattle area. Check back every Thursday at noon, PST for stellar events that fit the interests of locals and tourists alike.

Tomorrow, January 13 Intermediate Leather Mask Making Workshop at Equinox Studios –  In this fun full day workshop, you will learn how to design and create a single layer sculpted leather mask that will fit your own face perfectly. You’ll even get to take your one-of-a-kind finished mask home at the end of the day.

Tomorrow, January 13Youthspeaks Preliminary Slam – Preliminary Youthspeaks Poetry Slam at Fremont Abbey Arts Center!

Tomorrow, January 13 | Le Frenchword Presents “Fancy Mud” – After a series of successful workshop runs, absurdist trio Le Frenchword debuts the full length version of “Fancy Mud”; a collection of abstract comedy vignettes bolstered by a pastiche of movement, music and a deep and meaningful exploration of all things dumb. The story takes us from The Last Lame Three-Legged Dying Cow Of All Creation to the origins of the universe. With the help of cell phones, black holes, and the California Cute Cult, Le Frenchword delivers a pastel rainbow of laughter. Beware the flying bunny punch. Beware!

Saturday, January 14Start with Baby Chicks – This introductory course is perfect for anyone interested in raising chicks and keeping chickens. Learn the most important considerations in caring for baby chicks, including chicken physiology, behavior, health and nutrition, housing and city regulations. This lecture-style class also covers a wide variety of chicken breeds. Questions are encouraged and you will leave this class with everything you need to know to get started raising chicks.

Saturday, January 14Jessi Li: Decadence – Pottery Northwest  the Pacific Northwest’s premier ceramics studio and a community of artists at many levels  is pleased to present “Decadence,” a solo exhibition of work by Jessi Li. Decadence marks the completion of Li’s residency at Pottery Northwest.  In this exhibition, she asks: “How would we feel if our intimate moments were made public? Would we change our behavior? Sanitize our lives? In one breath the beautiful is transformed to repulsive. Whether divine or amoral, excessive or tasteful, is it not decadent?” [FREE!]

Saturday, January 14 Pickled Okra CD Release Party – Husband and wife-led bluegrass band ‘Pickled Okra’ looks forward to sharing their stories of love and murder in a way that only an ol’ married couple can. Join Pickled Okra and special guests The Weavils for an evening of “Un” traditional Bluegrass.

Sunday, January 15Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School – Dr. Sketchy combs Seattle for the most dazzling burlesque dancers, the most bizarre circus performers, and the most rippling hunks of boylesque. Then, on the 3rd Sunday every month, we let you draw them for three hours. Interspersed with posing are ridiculous drawing contests where you can win prizes! Hosted by Ernie Von Schmaltz. Happy Hour Menu provided by Julia’s on Broadway.

Know of any other events happening in the Seattle area this week? Post them in the comments section.

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