Hot Tickets: Chicago

11 Jan

Here are this week’s Hot Tickets for New Years Eve in the Chicago area. Check back every Monday at noon, CST for stellar events that fit the interests of locals and tourists alike.

Starts Wednesday, January 11 I I Am Saying This Right Now  The mysteries of memory and loss, the objects we imbue with love and nostalgia, the fear of forgetting or being forgotten, the passage from childhood to adulthood, and how the past both haunts and enriches the present.

Starts Thursday, January 12 I Little Triggers  Once upon a dark and blustery Christmas Eve, a young man named Martin sits waiting. In the corner of the office, a printer spits, smokes and hisses in a way that would seem malevolent if Martin didn’t know better. He waits for the repairman, watches the clock tick and wonders what it is that he’s doing with his life. Little does he know that before the evening’s out, a series of mysterious strangers will force him to confront his ideas about success, happiness, and failure–and they’re starting with what’s hidden in the back of his drawer. Martin has to find the through-line for his story, and he had better do it fast, because the snow won’t stop falling, and the printer’s out for blood.

Friday, January 13 I Full Moon Vaudeville – RHINOFEST 2012  The Crooked Mouth and other acts kick off the 2012 Rhinoceros Theater Festival with lots of music, plentiful performance, and tons of good cheer.

Friday, January 13 I I Love You Permanently – RHINOFEST 2012  One winter night in a Chicago apartment, a near-miss of a couple plans to experience an entire relationship over the course of one evening. Reckless dancing, soul-baring, language rope-tricks, and song ensue. From Barrie Cole (Fruit Tree Backpack). Featuring Amy Eaton and H.B. Ward. Be sure to check out the other performances happening during RHINOFEST 2012 here.

Saturday, January 14 I The 2012 Black, White, and Red Ball  The biggest night of Dance Crash history! Chicago Dance Crash cordially invites you to their annual season announcement party. 9 years of fusion-style contemporary dance and fantastically captivating productions has culminated in their biggest season in history. The 2012 TENTH ANNIVERSARY SEASON. Please come in cocktail formal attire in the company colors of black, white, and red. Enjoy the free food, open bar, DJ Erik Roldan & DJ Reaganomix as well as some of the largest announcements Chicago Dance Crash has ever made.

Know of any other events happening in the Chicago area this week? Post them in the comments section.

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