Maker Doer Tamara Clammer: In With the New

06 Jan

Hello, I’m Tamara Clammer Brown Paper Ticket’s Maker Doer. I’m a leatherworker, specializing in wearable art masks and hand sewn leather cases and a self-proclaimed ‘hand tools type.’ I never expected that I would use 3D or laser technology. However, recently, I went to Maker Faire Detroit and met Jesse and Hans from Autodesk, a company specializing in 3D design, engineering and entertainment software.

Meeting them peaked my interest in 3D design and I was anxious to learn more at the Bay Area Maker Faire. While I was there, I checked out the new laser cutter at TechShop, a membership-based workshop that provides its members with access to tools, equipment, instruction and a community of creative and supportive people. TechShop could also be called a hackerspace, where like-minded individuals can get together, collaborate and bring their visions to life.

Despite my interest, I remained convinced that I would never use 3D or laser technology myself. But in December an order was placed for a leather journal cover with an elaborate logo for the Seattle hip-hop group FICTITIOUS, which features Brown Paper Tickets own Caleb Penn. Having never developed leather carving skills, I was concerned about how I would finish this project in time for the holidays and have it turn out nicely.

Laser Etching in Progress at Metrix Create: Space.

A hackerspace saved the day! Being aware of several in the Seattle area, I contacted the knowledgeable folks at Metrix Create: Space and in just six minutes, the file was vectored, the logo was etched into the leather and I was able to deliver the finished journal to a satisfied customer the following day. None of this would have been possible without the collaborative environment, knowledgeable individuals and equipment that this hackerspace provided.

The finished product!

Hackerspaces are popping up all across the globe and providing an interactive environment for not only artists and makers, but computer technicians, scientists, machinists, basically anyone that could benefit from a cooperative, community-based laboratory. Visit to find one near you – or create your own! They helped me and they can be beneficial to anyone that has a vision that they want to bring to fruition.

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