Hot Tickets: New York

06 Jan

Here are this week’s Hot Tickets in the New York area. Check back every Friday at noon, EST for stellar events that fit the interests of locals and tourists alike.

TONIGHT! Friday, January 6 I Beer School: Taste the draft and learn the craft  Class includes 6 selected samples of Jimmy’s constantly rotating drafts and receive an informative session on each beer, history of beer styles and general beer knowledge and anecdotes. Hosted by a Jimmy’s No. 43 beer specialist.

Saturday, January 7 I No Sleep Till Brooklyn  YB, Electronic-Chaos, Jason R Burner & Dragon Entertainment continue a brand new underground dance music monthly experience. NO SLEEP TILL BROOKLYN! It’s time to come together as one. Four rooms, multiple genres and multiple scenes under one roof. No matter what your style, no matter what your scene, it’s our scene….the dance music scene. This monthly is for all, young and old, the clubber and raver, the burner and the human. For the hundreds that attended Round One, wait until you see what’s in store for Round Two.

Saturday, January 7 I Rap Crimes Division  Rap Crimes Division is a part of the NYPD devoted to the tracking, cataloguing, and researching of crimes within the rap and hip hop communities… Or it’s a three-man improv group starring Nick Brown, Don Romaniello, and Mike Short.

Sunday, January 8 I “Hit Me With Music”  Three screenings of the fresh documentary ‘Hit Me With Music’ telling the story of Jamaican dancehall – focusing equally on dance and music, as well as the larger context of Jamaican contemporary life. With Yellowman, Mavado, Kartel, Bogle, Elephantman, Chi chi ching, and more. 30 years after Bob Marley’s death Jamaica continues to be on top of the world-wide music scene. Reggae has evolved to produce a new genre, Dancehall. “Hit Me With Music” is the first comprehensive documentary about the Jamaican dancehall scene, giving dance, style and fashion an equal treatment to its music. Through the protagonists of this documentary we get to know Dancehall and what it is about. A diverse group of individuals – dancers, dj’s, producers, artists, school children and ghetto youth talk of the context in which these songs are born and what the phenomena represents in their life and the lives of many supporters. The film doesn’t shy away from the problematic aspects of dancehall culture and nightlife – violent lyrics, the Gully Gaza clash between supporters of Vybz Kartel and Mavado, the controversial subject of “Daggering”, the exploitation of women in the Go-Go, and the reasons why people bleach their skin, are all explored in this documentary. The film remains open about the issues without coming to a didactic conclusion, inviting enjoyment and discussion.
“Hit Me With Music” is part of the monthly Maysles Cinema series ‘Keeling’s Caribbean Showcase’, curated by Keeling Beckford of Keeling’s Reggae Music and Videos.

Sunday, January 9 I RHINESTONE GORILLA BURLESQUE  From barely legal to legally bare, Rhinestone Gorilla Burlesque is New York’s ragtag team of art school rejects. Heralded as “dangerous-minded and infectious” and “the future of burlesque” (The San Francisco Burlesque Review), The Rhinestone Gorillas are not your average showgirls; they’re rhinestones in the rough, anti-glamour guerilla grrrls prone to attack and entice. Formerly known as ALPHA PSI ECDYSIA, Rhinestone Gorilla Burlesque was founded in 2008 as the nation’s premier undergraduate burlesque troupe. While based on the campus of the State University of New York at New Paltz, RGB lived a double life as an educational institution and a professional producing entity. On the New Paltz campus, RGB dedicated itself to teaching burlesque history, the politics of neo-burlesque and the practice of burlesque performance; off-campus, RGB was the underage darling of the New York stripperformance art scene, getting naked on school nights at The Slipper Room, Rififi, Public Assembly, and Sugarland and in venues in LA, SF, Boston and beyond. Though frequent subjects of controversy and police activity, the students of RGB remain the only state-sponsored strippers in the nation. RHINESTONE GORILLA BURLESQUE plays the second Sunday of every month at 9:30PM at the Triad Theatre.

Know of any other events happening in the New York area this week? Post them in the comments section.

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