Hot Tickets: Seattle

05 Jan

Here are this week’s hot tickets in the Seattle area. Check back every Thursday at noon, PST for stellar events that fit the interests of locals and tourists alike.

Tomorrow, January 6 Sound on the Sound Presents: The Torn ACL’s, Horrace Picket, and The Balloons – This month’s Sound on the Sound-curated show at Columbia City Theater is The Torn ACLs‘ CD release!

Tomorrow, January 6 | Blank Slate – Working from nothing but audience suggestions and imagination, Unexpected Productions’ professional comedy improvisers create a never-before-seen production right in front of your eyes. In Blank Slate, the audience first creates a detailed character for each improviser. Using these living characters, the audience crafts the story and the improvisers try to keep up! Will John, the 41 year old unmarried disco dancing accountant find out that Charlie, the 21 year old snowboarder MIT graduate is actually his long lost son? Will Charlie finally realize that Kate, the 24 year old classical guitarist who serves his coffee everyday, is actually in love with him? And will we find out that Kate is actually a Russian spy? Find out in Blank Slate!

Saturday, January 7 | Birding 101 – It’s hard to find excuses to get outside in the wintertime! Come learn how to be a fabulous backyard birder with Seward Park Audubon Center. Mornings begin with short lessons in field identification, common species, binocular and scope selection. Then, we’ll walk through the park with our experienced birding teachers learning how to spot and ID birds.

Saturday, January 7 | Cirque Da SoGay! Bacon Strip – Sylvia O’Stayformore, local performer and founder of the outrageous Bacon Strip: The Big Gay Variety Show, is opening up a new year of excitement with Cirque da SoGay! Come down to Rebar for and evening of extreme gayness and frivolity! The Bacon Strip family will be performing everything from crazy sideshow acts to gay pride party craziness. Sylvia O’Stayformore and the cast of kooks will bring you a night of surprises and mayhem with some meaty bacon thrown in.

Sunday, January 899% Funny! Occupy Seattle Comedy Fundraiser – A fist full of Seattle’s greatest comics are coming out to support the cause with their talent and righteous indignation. The amazing Billy Wayne Davis is signed on to headline, and the lineup includes Robert Lackey, Jeremy Whitman, Anthony Robinson, Sean McCarthy, Jen Seaman, Rick Taylor, and Jake Bales.

Sunday, January 8J9 SOUND AND SMOKE CABARET! – A return to the deviance and decadence of the Weimar Cabaret scene. Presented by Fiercely Hipnotic, Sound and Smoke Cabaret features Miss J9 Fierce, Troupe Hipnotica, The Trojan Original, Madisun Avenue, Jeffrey Henry, Dawnelle and others TBA.

Know of any other events happening in the Seattle area this week? Post them in the comments section.

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