Bill’s Top Ten Musical Discoveries of 2011

27 Dec

Our music Doer Bill Geoghegan knows his music. He’s been making music since the early 80s, runs his own record label and plays in a number of ska/reggae bands. His work as a musician and as a doer for Brown Paper Tickets has him out on the road a lot of the year and he comes across tons of bands in his travels.

Bill put together this list of ten bands that caught his ear in 2011. While some of these bands have been around for years, they’re new to Bill and possibly to some of you out there. So while these may not be “new” bands, they’re, as Bill says “new to me.” I hadn’t heard of any of the bands on the list so there’s a good chance they might be a new discovery for you as well.

And speaking of discoveries, did you discover a new band this year that’s been rockin’ your sound system? Make a comment, share a link and turn us on to something new. Most of us here at Brown Paper Tickets love music and we’re always looking for something fresh and exciting.

So, in keeping with the tradition of the end-of-the-year list, we offer Bill’s top musical discoveries of 2011 for your enjoyment. Bill has one disclaimer, this list is in no order of importance or preference.

1. General Electriks (U.S./France)

2. Shout Out Out Out (Canada)

3. Dear Bear (Denmark)

4. The Unfinished Symphony (Spain)

5. Avi Wisnia (U.S.)

6. Emma Acs (Denmark)

7. Obrint Paz (Catalonia)

8. Los Granadians (Spain)

9. Fried Bourbon (Belgium)

10. Little Roy’s “Battle of Seattle” album

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