New York: How Can I Help You?

12 Dec

I’ve worked for Brown Paper Tickets for about 2 years now, It’s a great place to work and I’m glad to be a part of this team. We ticket so many different types of events, sometimes it’s hard to keep track of all the diversity!

Personally, I’ve helped hundreds of event producers. I’ve provided producers with different perspectives on their businesses; ideas to increase their sales; or sometimes, I’ve just trained them on the tools available to them to increase their success. I’ve helped set up advanced seating options, checked IDs at doors, solved last minute issues and even donated my time to help non-profits list and promote their events. These unique experiences have provided me with a certain, uncommon, skill set which allow me to offer exclusive insights into event production. If I’m not familiar with the type of event you do, I know people who are!  I must say that my co-workers are amazing and inspire me daily with their experience and knowledge. They’re a great resource.

This week I’m hosting our first producer “Meet & Greet” in New York at The Ace Bar in the East Village. My hope is to host a monthly event where various event producers can meet, mingle & develop partnerships in the greater New York area. At Brown Paper Tickets we believe in community & partnership, and as I’ve just moved to the area, so I’d love to help create some of that community here.

Here are the links to the meet & greets, If you’re interested, please check ’em out:

RSVP for the December 14th Meet & Greet here.

And you can beat the crowds and RSVP for the January 4th Meet & Greet at Barcade right over here.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!

I hope to meet you soon!  –AJ

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