Hot Tickets: New York

25 Nov

Every Friday at noon, EST, Brown Paper Tickets posts upcoming events happening in the New York area. Here are hot tickets for events coming up. Check back for stellar events that fit the interests of locals and tourists alike.

Friday, November 25 I The Shady Bunch  A fully improvised musical in 40 minutes or less? With singing, opening numbers, and choreography? All based on a suggestion from the audience? That’s right! If anyone can do it, The Shady Bunch can! You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. You’ll leave singing and wondering, “Hey, how’d they do that?” Come be part of the fun that is The Shady Bunch: Jon Paul Buchmeyer, Lisa Church, Sean Duffy, Ken Duncan, Geoff Grimwood, Olga Kreimer, Hal McFall, Jordan Wolff…and the musical stylings of Frank Spitznagel!

Saturday, November 26 I FISH ABOVE SEA LEVEL  Talal, a young Ammani professional,discovers upon his father’s death that he is penniless. His only way out is to sell a farmhouse once owned by his late father in a village by the Dead Sea. At the village he meets Dawoud, a young farmer who lives in the farmhouse. Before Talal can do   anything with the house, Dawoud’s approval is essential. A road movie about an affluent young urban professional and a young village farmer who share a common history and roots and find themselves unwilling participants in another cycle of history that pits the prosperity of one against the survival of another.

Saturday, November 26 I MACHETE MAIDENS UNLEASHED!  Don’t miss this hilarious feature documentary that explores filmmaking in the Philippines during the Marcos era, when miniature James Bonds, karate-kicking soul sisters, snake-loving babes, anorexic Rambos, sexy revolutionaries and gun-toting nuns were the rage. The ultimate B-Movie feast from the far, far east, “Machete Maidens Unleashed!” is a fast moving odyssey into the subterranean world of the rarely explored province of Filipino genre filmmaking.

Saturday, November 26 I Maluala Maluala takes us into a palenque, a settlement of escaped slaves hidden   somewhere in Cuba’s eastern mountains, where discord is sown between black “kings” by clever spies working for the Spanish government. “The historically lucid intrigues of “Maluala” (1979), where the Afrocentric leadership of fugitive palenque communities is pitted against each other COINTELPRO-style by Spanish colonists, is one of those Cuban films that were forged in a righteous, red-hot ferment but still found the courage and wit to ask questions about the society around them.” ~ Gary Dauphin, The Village Voice

Sunday, November 27 I ADIFF 2011 Caribbean Night  African Diaspora International Film Festival presents “HUSH 2 “END THE SILENCE” – A riveting drama set in the beautiful Caribbean Island of Barbados. Life for 15 year old Makisha has become tough when she became pregnant. With no job, she is still desirous of finishing school. Her mother Darlene, a single mom, is suffering financially and her boyfriend’s life is going on a downward spiral. It is in these tough times, when Makisha needs help, that she meets her wealthy dad Morris and her sister Claire. Could this reunion be the answer to all her financial needs or will this be her worst nightmare? Also showing is “CATCH A FIRE” – “Catch a Fire” tells the story of Deacon Paul Bogle, often described as a 19th century Malcom X. 30 years after the end of slavery in Jamaica, the Morant Bay Rebellion of 1865 provoked outrage in Victorian Britain shaping race and land attitudes. The story is constructed using extensive interviews with Paul Bogle’s grand son as well as archive material. There will also be the US Premiere of “LAUGHING THROUGH TEARS” – Based on the true story of an elderly Jamaican woman suffering with Alzheimer’s disease, this short film takes you on a roller coaster of emotions as you follow Miss Lilly into her past.  Her doctor only sees outward symptoms of her disease: disorientation, lack of sleep, paranoia and the loss of basic motor skills.  But in her head, all she feels is loneliness and the world around her changing. She now lives with her son but recalls her dead parents and five other siblings, when they where young.

Know of any other events happening in the New York area this week? Post them in the comments section.

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  1. Joe C

    January 2, 2012 at 5:49 am

    Fish Above Sea Level was a very memorable film. Can’t wait for the film’s DVD to be released.


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