Hot Tickets: San Francisco

01 Nov

Every Tuesday at noon, PST, Brown Paper Tickets will post upcoming events happening in the San Francisco Bay Area. Here are hot tickets for events coming up. Check back for stellar events that fit the interests of locals and tourists alike.

Thursday, November 3 to Saturday, November 5 | San Francisco Transgender Film Festival: The San Francisco Transgender Film Festival announces its spectacular 10th Anniversary film festival! A stellar collection of transgender short films with tales of defiance, bullying, relationships, sex, humor, enchantment and romance. Get your tickets early; last year’s Festival broke the venue’s all-time audience record!

Opens Thursday, November 3 Working for the Mouse: Ever wonder what really goes on at the Happiest Place on Earth? Playwright and performer Trevor Allen spent a few years in Southern California portraying Pluto, Mr. Smee, the Mad Hatter and other characters in his height range on his quest for voice clearance and his dream of becoming Peter Pan. He recounts his tales of backstage debauchery, sex, drugs, kicks to the crotch, militant managers, and quirky coworkers in this unique coming-of-age tale that blows pixie dust in your eyes while offering a glimpse behind the ears of the Magic Kingdom.Saturday, November 5 | The Science of Bread and Cheese Walking Tour: These two ancient foods owe their glory to microscopic magic. Stroll through quaint San Francisco neighborhoods while stopping at parks and shops to explore the role of unseen organisms in creating flavors and textures. Get your hands on some gluten, admire the microbes on some bloomy rinds, and enjoy a bountiful bread-and-cheese picnic at the end.

Saturday, November 5 | Scary Cow Independent Film Festival: Scary Cow is proud to announce their 15th Film Festival at the Castro Theatre featuring Bay Area made films! See a number of short films made by local San Francisco filmmakers. You’ll be asked to vote for the best films and those films with the most votes will receive budgets for their future projects!

Sunday, November 6 | BEYOND THIS PLACE with live score performed by Sufjan Stevens and Ray Raposa: Musicians Sufjan Stevens and Ray Raposa join filmmaker Kaleo La Belle for a screening of La Belle’s award-winning documentary Beyond This Place. Deeply reflective and personal, this film charts La Belle’s attempts to reconnect with his perpetually stoned, long-estranged father Cloud Rock during a grueling 500-mile bike tour across the Pacific Northwest. Stevens and Raposa provide a live score of original music to this emotionally nuanced look at family ties and the process of moving on.

Know of any other events happening in the Bay Area this week? Post them in the comments section!


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