Hot Tickets: Seattle

20 Oct

Every Thursday at noon, PST, Brown Paper Tickets posts upcoming events happening in the Seattle. Here are hot tickets for events coming up. Check back for stellar events that fit the interests of locals and tourists alike.

Friday, October 21 | Georgetown Haunted History Tour: Tour guides lead you through the dark, foggy alleys of the neighborhood of Georgetown, telling haunted and historic tales from the area once known as the “cesspool of Seattle.”  Throughout the walk, learn of the period in which Seattle was still a very young city and Georgetown was the playground for the rich and poor.  Hear tales of gambling, booze, temperance and the roles they played in many of stories of well-known Seattle ghosts.  The entire tour is comprised of local actors and/or historians who are already enchanted with the lure of Seattle’s oldest neighborhood’s history.

Friday, October 21 | Pedal-Driven: In the pristine forests above Leavenworth, Washington, there exists a world of hidden trailheads and clandestine trails. Here a sect of outdoor enthusiasts, extreme mountain bikers called freeriders, have gone underground. They are the skate punks of the forest, unwelcome and under pressure to leave. The locations of their trails are carefully guarded secrets and the riders who ride them keep constant vigil, on the lookout for US Forest Service rangers.But they won’t leave. Each time one of their trails or jumps is destroyed they sneak back in and rebuild, believing that they have a right to ride through these landscapes. And now, in an effort to combat the problem, local district rangers have been given heightened authority to put any freeriders caught on undesignated trails directly into jail. The documentary Pedal-Driven will take you behind both sides of this confrontation  riding with the freeriders and chasing them down with the rangers  in an exploration of issues increasingly important to all Americans.

Saturday, October 22 I Scary Duwamish Stories told by Native Storyteller Johnny Moses: Local Native American tales of witches and soul loss, just in time for Halloween! A dismembered bunny with a song in his heart that keeps on going, mean girls get their due, killer skunks and more! Enjoy an art gallery and exhibits beforehand.

Saturday, October 22LoreDona Presents: A Vintage Spectacular: As the weather turns, The White Rabbit in Fremont wants to heat you up with a unique music and variety revue inspired by past generations. Costumes encouraged! Music by Cooper Smith and The Voyeurs. Hosted by Lyla la Coeur. Performances by Miss J9 Fierce, Cherry Manhattan, Hillary Menke and LoreDona (Aviva Voila and Lyla la Coeur).

Sunday, October 23 | Seattle Theatre: What’s Next?: A moderated community forum that assesses the challenges and opportunities that face the Seattle theatre community and whose explicit goal is to launch cooperative, proactive projects in response. Free!

Monday, October 24 I Eat Local Now! 2011: This vibrant and successful fundraising dinner at Herban Feast’s Sodo Park celebrates involvement in and cultivation of our local food economy. Eat Local Now! advocates for access to locally grown foods for all income and social groups and seek to strengthen the local food economy by supporting local food businesses.

Know of any other events happening in the Seattle area this week? Post them in the comments section.

A moderated community forum that assesses the challenges and opportunities that face the Seattle theatre community and whose explicit goal is to launch cooperative, proactive projects in response.

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