2011 Friars Club Comedy Film Festival

14 Oct

I’m sure most fans of comedy are familiar with the Friar’s Club in New York. If you’re not, The Friar’s Club is a private club, established in 1904 and famous for their scathing celebrity roasts. The Friar’s Club started when representatives of Broadway theatres organized the Press Agents’ Association with the New York publicists that they were working with to exchange lists of people who were fraudulently getting complimentary passes to shows. Not long after this, they began to hold tribute dinners for theatrical celebrities. These would eventually turn into the celebrity roasts that you see today.

This weekend The Friar’s Club is hosting “four days of films, networking, parties, and laughter” and is offering  film-makers the opportunity to introduce their work to leading executives, comedians, and industry professionals.You can see the whole schedule here.

They got some great films on the roster and here’s a sneak peak at a few of them:

The Other F Word:

The Moleman of Belmont Avenue:

Dying to Do Letterman:

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