Hot Tickets: Boston

13 Oct

Every Thursday at noon, EST, Brown Paper Tickets posts upcoming events happening in the Boston area. Here are hot tickets for events coming up. Check back for stellar events that fit the interests of locals and tourists alike.

Friday, October 14 to Sunday, October 16  HOMEGROWN III: Boston’s Underground Music Festival  HOMEGROWN is Boston’s ALL AGES Underground Music Festival. Each day of HOMEGROWN III will begin with a 2 hr. long round robin style performance that will include 8 bands. What’s a round robin? Well, that would be when a bunch of bands set up all at once. We set up a few PAs, and the bands take turns playing songs one after another. Then after all the bands have played a song, the loop repeats, until the performance ends. Bands include: Extreme Animals, Bobb Trimble’s Flying Spiders, Chapter 24, White Fence, Truman Peyote, Grass Widow, The Men, Blues Control and more.

Friday, October 14 Bhakti: Devotional Dances of the Goddess  bhakti (Sanskrit): a devotee’s profound love for and active participation in worship of a personal deity; ecstatic union with the divine. From the verb root bhaj, meaning to share in, to belong to, and to worship. Celebrate with Vadalna Tribal Dance Company as they trace the lineage of goddess worship through devotional dance, from classical Indian dance forms of the devadasis to neo-pagan adaptation of myths in tribal belly dance. They’ll invoke the Divine Feminine with movement representing both communion with and offering to the goddess in her myriad aspects. Starring Internationally renowned Rajasthani dancer, Colleena Shakti (Odissi Classical Indian Dance, Kalbelia Rajasthani “Gypsy” Dance, and Indian Fusion Belly Dance).

Saturday, October 15 AMAZING DUO NIGHT: Bird Mancini/ John and Rachel Nicholas at Tremedal  BIRD MANCINI, Boston’s accordion/guitar rock duo, have released their 4th CD, “Tuning In/Tuning Out” on Second Story Records.  Their previous CD, “Funny Day”, received great reviews and featured their eclectic and at
times a bit psychedelic acoustic rock pop style with lush vocal arrangements. In recent years they’ve done a West Coast Tour and performed for the International Pop Overthrow Festival in Boston, New York and in
Liverpool UK at The Cavern Club. The mysterious workings of Fate and the Muses had a hand in bringing RACHEL MACIAS AND JOHN NICHOLAS together. Born and raised on opposite coasts they were brought together through music in Santa Barbara, California. Their lyrical songs are an eclectic brew highlighted by soulful singing and harmonies that attain a magical alchemy. On stage there is a synergy between them that is palpable. With their voices, they create an intimate atmosphere where the exquisite beauty of life in all its contradictions is felt through the medium of song.

Saturday, October 15 Will / Work  Perceptions Contemporary Dance Company returns to Boston for the first time since relocating to New York City in 2009. PCDC will be premiering brand new electric evening length creation “Will / Work” along with other repertoire pieces.

Know of any other events happening in the Boston area this week? Post them in the comments section.

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