Popovich Pet Theater

19 Sep

Ever seen a canine comedian? How about an acrobatic house cat? Well, if you live in Oceanside, California, you are in luck because Popovich Comedy Pet Theater is coming to town next week on Monday, September 26 and Tuesday, September 27 to the Star Theatre. This show is part of a tour that’s going to hit California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Utah. So even if you’re not in the Oceanside area, you can see them in Eureka on Wednesday, October 19 and Thursday, October 20 at the Eureka Theater and in Hoquiam, Washington on Thursday, November 3 at the 7th Street Theater. Tickets for these shows can be found here and information on all the other shows on the tour can be found here.

So, I know you’re thinking. That’s great Jimmy, but how is it possible that these seemingly normal house pets can be transformed into comedic performers? It’s possible through fifth-generation circus performer Gregory Popovich‘s unique philosophy towards animal training. He builds the tricks in the show around the animals’ personalities as opposed to pushing them outside of their natural dispositions. The focus is on positive reinforcement and compassion and strives to spotlight the individualism of each pet. Popovich is the first entertainer to bring ordinary house cats to the stage and he’s event published a book in 2009 on cat training entitled “You CAN Train Your Cat.”

The show currently features a cast of over 30 pets including house cats, dogs, parrots, geese and trained mice. The show pairs the trained pets with European style physical comedy and Moscow acrobatics. Wanna see the animals in action? Check out this promo video:

While the focus of the show is entertainment, Popovich also strives to raise awareness to the problem of homeless pets and to raise goods and money for the cause by organizing fund-raisers for local shelters and animal advocates.

Be sure to catch this rare opportunity to see a master animal trainer in action while helping to support Mr. Popovich and his valiant fight against animal homelessness. You won’t be sorry. Believe me.

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