Hot Tickets: Los Angeles

19 Sep

Every Monday at noon, PST, Brown Paper Tickets will post upcoming events happening in the Los Angeles area. Here are hot tickets for events coming up. Check back for stellar events that fit the interests of locals and tourists alike.

Tonight! Scarface (1932) & Hell’s Angels (1930) A double bill of 1930s classics produced by Howard Hughes at the New Beverly Cinema. This is a double feature so, your ticket admits you to BOTH films (although you can also just see one of the films if you choose)!

Thursday, September 22 Cabaret des Artistes presents “In the Works”  3 professional singers, 3 distinct styles, 3 separate sets. Featuring Jack Armstrong, Ross Kalling, Kelly Meyersfield, Jule Michel and Shari Rhone with accompanist and musical director is Ross Kalling.

Friday, September 23 and Saturday, September 24 Good Evening America Nine years ago, Drew Droege tried on a blonde wig and thought “Gee, I look like that actress Chloe Sevigny” – the rest is history.

Saturday, September 23 Everything Is Terrible presents 7 Lucky Ninja Kids Kids beating up adults! Adults beating the crap out of kids! No regard for copyright law! Adorable breakdancing! This may be EiT!’s favorite kids’ flick, and soon you will know why. Made in 1986, 7LNK does you the favor of leaving out any boring lulls by packing one pint-sized punch after another. When “Rocky” returns from America to reunite with his six homies (sporting names like Little Fatty, Two Teeth and Bumpkin), it all takes an immediate turn for the worse when they get entangled into a diamond exchange gone horribly wrong. The second there’s even an ounce of trouble, the kids start kicking ass right away, and when “Big Boss” hears of the kiddie crimebusters, his henchmen (also named Fatty and Dummy?!) follow them through every mall, roller rink and disco in town! Fans of Survivor’s track “Burning heart” will not be let down, for this song plays constantly over the sounds of screaming children and punching Foley art! We’re doing out best to describe all this, but frankly some films are beyond words. This is showing at The Cinefamily.

Sunday, September 24 Red State (2011) with writer/director Kevin Smith in person! Directed by Kevin Smith, this film is set in Middle America, where a group of teens receive an online invitation for sex, though they soon encounter fundamentalists with a much more sinister agenda. The program will include a 1 hour Q & A with Kevin Smith & a 30 minute “Hollywood Babble On” podcast with Ralph Garman, both following the film.  The Q & A will be streamed to other theaters around the U.S.

Know of any other events happening in the Los Angeles area this week? Post them in the comments section.

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