A Whole World of Pure Imagination, by the BPT Staff

29 Aug

The “90 Days of Free Tickets” is under way. Click here to enter to win!

“90 days of free tickets?” we here at Brown Paper Tickets thought. “That would be amazing!” Even though we can’t win because we work for the company putting on this contest, and that would be weird, we did have some fantasies of what we would go see if we were to win. Here’s what some of us came up with:

Michelle Sunnyday is a Client Services Specialist. On her off-time she’s a roller girl! So of course one of the events she would attend would be the Roller Derby World Cup in Toronto. Who doesn’t love zombies? Who doesn’t love zombies singing opera? No one, that’s who. Michelle would be here with the walking dead. As well, the same people who hate zombies (no one) also hate pirates. That’s why Michelle would follow up her evening of zombies with a day of pirates

Noah, User Experience Lead at Brown Paper Tickets, loves microbrews, oysters and dubstep, natch he would choose these events.

Of course Comedy Doer Julie Seabaugh would go see a bunch of comedy. But Julie has discerning tastes. That’s why she would go see Mike Lawrence and Jeffrey Joseph as well as Righteous Kill in New York, Chucklefck in Cleveland, and the Seattle International Comedy Competition in, you guessed it… Auburn.

Porn, murder, pimps, ghosts and aliens. These are a few of Client Services Specialist Amanda Stanley‘s favorite things.

Amiee Andrews, also a Client Services Specialist, loves music. Therefore, she’d be jetsetting all over Northern United States (and Reno) to check out: Cobra Skulls in Missoula, Aesop Rock in Boseman, Nico Vega in Reno, The Moon Doggies in Colorado Springs, and The Dum Dum Girls in Madison.

Jaime Zamora, International Manager, loves the city of Seattle. And who wouldn’t with all the great beer, chocolate, drag queens, and fashion?

Caroline Planque is sophisticated. What would a person of sophistication attend? But of course, one of sophistication would see jazz musician Carmen Souza, attend fine dining at Farm Table Dinners, and learn about the history of Seattle’s Civil Rights Movement.

Sabrina Roach is Brown Paper Tickets’ Radio/New Media Doer. What events would Sabrina attend? First, the band Mount Eerie in Chicago. Improv comedy in Seattle. And of course, since she’s the Radio/New Media Doer, the TedxKPBS in San Diego, and a broadcasting class in Everett, Washington.

Event Coordinator and Blog Manager Jimmy Berg is a musician. As most musicians appreciate fine music, so does Jimmy. The bands Jimmy would see play are: The Slackers, Adrian Sherwood, Mary Gauthier, and The Pietasters.

And me? What would I attend? Well… This, this, this and this.

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