Hot Tickets: San Francisco

09 Aug

Every Tuesday at noon, PST, Brown Paper Tickets will post upcoming events happening in the Bay Area. Here are hot tickets for events coming up. Check back for stellar events that fit the interests of locals and tourists alike.

Thursday, August 11 Night Cheese Volume 2: In lieu of attending this year’s American Cheese Society conference, Mission Cheese will be honoring past and present curd-inspiring winners. These cheeses will be paired with a delectable selection of wines from The Lucas Winery, a family-run winery in Lodi Two friends from The Lucas Winery will join us to educate us on their traditional winemaking process and the nuances of their delicious wines.

Friday, August 12 The Blunder Years: Cinema Speakeasy and Friends with Benefits present “The Blunder Years,” an evening inspired by the pop cultural forces of our youth, to celebrate and benefit today’s youth. All proceeds go to BAVC’s The Factory.

Friday, August 12 True West: Written by Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Sam Shepard, “True West” is a character study that examines the relationship between Austin, a screenwriter, and his older brother Lee.

Monday, August 15 Campfire Guitar for Non-Musicians: The Distilled Man presents this beginners’ guitar class with a unique approach. You don’t have to be able to read music or go to Julliard to have fun playing the guitar. Put aside the music theory books and the painstaking, introductory learning methods. This class teaches you the fundamental skills to begin playing songs almost immediately. Learn a few chords that will allow you to play literally hundreds of songs.

Know of any other events happening in the Bay Area this week? Post them in the comments section.


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