Hot Tickets: Los Angeles

01 Aug

Every Monday at noon, PST, Brown Paper Tickets will post upcoming events happening in the Los Angeles area. Here are hot tickets for events coming up. Check back for stellar events that fit the interests of locals and tourists alike.

Friday, August 5 Blind Jacob and the Harolding Troll Once up a time, there was a princess named Heidi, who climbed out of her tower for her prince, Jacob. Jacob loved Heidi very much…but he was restless about life and the modern world. The play opens with Jacob on a quest to find his place in the world. Heidi begins to question Jacob’s sanity. Lisa, Heidi’s bff, knows he’s lost it when Jacob makes a wish into a fountain, hears the fountain speak to him and goes into the city sewer system looking for the voice. When Jacob finds the voice, Harold, he brings Heidi and a reluctant Lisa into the sewer to see the magical world he thinks he has found. Funny and charmingly sweet, this modern day fairy tale takes you from the idyllic world of Heidi and Jacob’s apartment into the sewers below the city.

Friday, August 5 to Thursday, August 11 If a Tree Falls: A Story of the Earth Liberation Front In December 2005, Daniel McGowan was arrested by Federal agents in a nationwide sweep of radical environmentalists involved with the Earth Liberation Front– a group the FBI has called America’s “number one domestic terrorism threat.” With the arrest of Daniel and thirteen others, the government had cracked what was probably the largest ELF cell in America and brought down the group responsible for the very first ELF arsons in this country. “IF A TREE FALLS: A STORY OF THE EARTH LIBERATION FRONT” tells the remarkable story of the rise and fall of this ELF cell, by focusing on the transformation and radicalization of one of its members.

Friday, August 5 and Saturday, August 6 TRIBE The Joseph Allen Decker Dance Company explores the makings of a modern day tribe with some dark, outlandish, and sometimes ironic results. Join the JADD Co. as they present a showcase of new choreographic works. In this tribe, the whole adds up to more than the sum of its parts.

Saturday, August 6 Spontaneous Fantasia at the Glendale Planetarium A spectacular live virtual reality performance created by pioneering high-tech artist J-Walt. He performs his animations and music in a state-of-the-art immersive digital planetarium theater. Using technology he created, this Academy Award winning computer wizard draws 3D sculptures and landscapes, taking his audience on a one-of-a-kind audio-visual odyssey of fantastic worlds and extended possibilities.

Sunday, August 7 to Sunday, September 4 LA Art Tours August The world’s largest Arts Colony is right here in Los Angeles. 27 acres. 13 Buildings. Hundreds of unique studios and lofts housing over 300 artists. Most of the studios and lofts are only open to the public during the yearly Art Walk. Attendees will get a chance to skip the jostling crowds of thousands and instead see the artists in their own environment in an intimate setting. A truly unique tour, this is not to be missed.

Know of any other events happening in the Los Angeles area this week? Post them in the comments section.


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