Paella, Music, Wine. Outdoors!

29 Jul

Okay everyone. Here’re some things I love:

1) Paella
2) Danceable music
3) Being outdoors in the summertime
4) Wine

Here’s some things I hate:
1) Not being able to travel out to Michigan for Paella in the Park
2) See number one

If you live in the Michigan/Illinois/Wisconsin, heck, even Canada, do not miss the opportunity to check out this great event–Paella in the Park in Traverse City. What makes it so great, you ask? Well here, let me tell you.

First: Paella. Paella is one big pan of all my favorite foods: chicken, chorizo, tomatoes, rice, shrimp, etc. You can make paella at home, but it’s kind of like a casserole, but in the hands of a professional, paella is a delicious, delicious, cloud of perfection that your mouth can float on through a sky of shooting awesomeness.

Next: Music. Refresher: Remember these dudes?

This song was hot (like paella hot!) in the late ’90s, and since the ’90s are making a retro comeback, I suspect it won’t be long till the Cherry Poppin’ Daddies land this song in a car commercial or something. Plus, while you’re all hopped up on your paella high, you can boogie to some good-ole swing music. Outside. On grass. Under the sky. The real one.

“One band? No! I want more music,” you say? Well, lucky for you, there’s this: Popular Michigan-based Afro-Cuban band Grupo Aye and Philadelphia-based roots rockers Hoots & Hellmouth will perform as opening acts.

And. You know what goes really, really well with paella. Wine. Wine does. Seven wineries of Old Mission Peninsula will pair their wines with the paellas that are being made. As well, the chefs cooking the paellas will use these featured wines. And, uh, more importantly, you can also drink them.

Here is a handy link so you can:

1) Buy your tickets and
2) Go to this.

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