BPT Sampler Volume 1

06 Jul

We recently released the first Brown Paper Tickets audio sampler, a fourteen song double L.P., only available in the vinyl format. That is, until now!

This incredibly eclectic collection is made up completely of tracks from the Brown Paper Tickets family, either members of the Brown Paper Tickets team or artists that we work with, all of whom are completely independent and are perfect examples of DIY. This was one of the funnest projects I have had the pleasure to work on.

All of the tracks sound great and all of the artists were extremely cooperative in helping out through the entire process. I guess these are two of the main ingredients of a successful independent artist. Because of the wide range of styles represented on this album, there are probably very few people that will enjoy the entire thing. But on that same note, I challenge you to find anyone, on the planet, who will not enjoy any of it.

I was planning on making this a lot longer and go over the record track by track. But after thinking it over, I realized that anyone taking the time to read this will be more than equipped to listen and appreciate it, without some blow hard telling them what to think. I would like to once again thank all of these great artists for helping put this together. Take some time and look up the artists you like. Write ’em a note and tell them they are great, or something.


Download Here

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