Everything Is Festival – June 30 to July 4

28 Jun

For the last eleven years the Everything is Terrible crew has been digging through thrift store bins and frequenting garage sales searching for the weirdest and wackiest VHS tapes from the latter part of the 20th century and sharing them with the world. Their discoveries offer a hilarious and often times disturbing look into American culture in the videotape era.

EIT started out as a group of friends at Ohio University who shared their hilarious finds with each other. This eventually led to the creation of a website in 2007 and live shows where they would showcase their videos dressed in cloaks with gold VHS tapes slung around their necks. In 2009 they released “Everything Is Terrible! The Movie” which featured more of the hilarious/horrible VHS clips that could be found on the website; edited by the EIT crew for full hilarious effect.

Now, they’ve got their very own festival, the Everything Is Festival at The Cinefamily in Los Angeles from June 30 to July 4. Guests include Andrew W.K., comedian Neil Hamburger, a showcase featuring Conan O’Brien‘s writers, a keynote presentation from Mark Hosler of legendary musical/art pranksters Negativland and more.

This event promises to be just as weird, wonderful and disturbing as anything Everything Is Terrible has done and we are thrilled to be ticketing this one-of-a-kind event. You can purchase tickets for individual shows here or get full Festival Passes here.

Here’s a couple of Everything Is Terrible’s greatest YouTube hits. Enjoy!

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