The Tank: From Theater to Film to Circuit-Bending

23 Jun

When I say Tank, what do you think of? A large armored vehicle? That thing you spend way too much to fill up with gas? Time for a new image.

The Tank was, at one point a volunteer-run space, and they still offer a massive variety of events with a reputation for both intimacy and diversity while they search for a new home.

Basically, The Tank hosts anything you can dream up: theater, film, music and multimedia presentations, comedy and dance performances as well as community events and workshops. The staff and directors work hard to be inclusive and make their organization a hub of creativity and community.

A great example of this is the BENT Festival, an annual gathering of circuit benders. Circuit bending is the art of taking old audio electronics, like toys, and ‘Frankensteining’ them into something new and unexpected.

In this age of mega-malls, multimillion dollar broadway productions and movies that are watchable on your phone, it’s more important than ever to have places where audiences can feel connected to artists. If you want a visual, check out their YouTube account.

If you want to support what they do, and their effort to find a new space, they’re raising money over here.

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