Tonight! Neil Hamburger in San Francisco

05 May

Neil Hamburger is dry, dark, depressing and miserable, but in the best way possible. A character played by comedian Gregg Turkington, Neil has appeared in such bizarro comedy staples as Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job! and Tom Green’s House Tonight, and has toured with not only Tim and Eric, but comedy-rock duo Tenacious D.

The Hamburger persona is old and haggard, constantly hacking and wheezing while telling taboo anti-jokes about celebrities and a fictional ex-wife. He’s also notorious for raging against hecklers in the audience, with everything from name-calling to throwing his drink (which he often spits in) in their faces (if you are not easily offended, a YouTube search for “Neil Hamburger Heckler” will produce a plethora of examples).

Here’s a significantly more PG example of his antics, which includes maybe his most popular catchphrase “Thaaaaaat’s my life!” – from the rock-stars at Amoeba:

Right now, Neil Hamburger is on tour! After a successful stint with fellow BPT favorite Todd Barry, he’s performing in San Francisco tonight with yo-yo champion K-Strass and Major Entertainer Mike H at the Hemlock Tavern. What a combination.

Photo by Amy Hope Dermont on Flickr (>CC BY 2.0)

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