Thank you Northwest Arcade Rentals!!!

04 Mar

We had a great launch party on February 17 to celebrate our new services and updated website launch in our hometown of Seattle, Washington. We partied with over 400 of Brown Paper Tickets event producers, performers and friends and one of the elements that everyone in attendance really enjoyed were the vintage arcade and carnival games provided by Michael of Northwest Arcade Rentals.

The High Strike game was a big hit with folks hanging out to the bitter end to have a go at it. It’s harder than it looks. Here’s a shot of me after I finally hit the bell (after multiple attempts, I might add). Michael coached me through the proper High Strike technique.
Launch Party 40

Here’s our Company Counsel Mike nailing it. That’s Michael from NW Arcade Rentals in the background having a laugh.
Launch Party 46

Here’s Sten from Advanced Client Services giving it a go. Michael looks stunned by Sten’s mighty strength.
Launch Party 37

You don’t want to mess with Renee, our Call Center Manager. Bringin’ it down HARD! Let it be noted that Renee was the FIRST to nail the bell.
Launch Party 5

And, of course The Tilted Thunder Railbirds know how to bring the hammer down!
Launch Party 18

Another big hit was this vintage baseball game from 1941. Very simple concept but man was it addicting. Plus, the hand painted wood background was so cool. Love these vintage electro-mechanical games.
Launch Party 9
Launch Party 26

This is a shot of the super cool yet slightly creepy Fortune Teller machine.
Launch Party 2

And, of course, we had to have some pinball. Cyclone isn’t technically vintage but it fit our carny vibe and personally, I think this was the best era for pinball. Here’s a shot of Sten working his magic with the silver ball.
Launch Party 1

If you’re in the Seattle metro area, I highly recommend Michael and Northwest Arcade Rentals. Not only is his collection incredible, he’s a great guy and a fun addition to any party. He truly loves what he does and it shows.

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