Meet Bill Pascrell Jr.

02 Feb

Hey ticket buyers, meet your friend in congress. His name is Representative Bill Pascrell Jr. and he’s a recently re-elected Democrat from New Jersey’s 8th congressional district. According to, Pascrell is working hard to clean up the ticketing industry.

Inspired by the ticketing fiasco surrounding Bruce Springsteen’s 2009 ‘Working On A Dream’ tour, in which tickets for Springsteen’s New Jersey shows were available immediately at a ticket re-seller for hundreds of dollars more than the face value, Pascrell proposed federal legislation, nicknamed the “BOSS ACT” (Better Oversight of Secondary Sales and Accountability in Concert Ticketing). The BOSS ACT would require primary ticket sellers to publicly disclose how many tickets were being held back from sale and prohibit ticket brokers from buying tickets during the first 48 hours of sale.

The bill has largely sat in congress since it’s introduction as Congress members focused on other legislative matters, but on his re-election, Pascrell said, “It’s my intention to reintroduce the BOSS ACT in the next session…One thing that hasn’t changed is my commitment to the consumers.” Nice to know there are good guys like him fighting the hard fight for the concert-going public.

Help Bill out! Contact your local Congress person and ask them to sign on to the BOSS ACT. Thanks Bill, keep up the good work!

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